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Design Intelligence: Yacht Interiors and Sustainable Luxury

Entering a yacht’s interior is one of the most exciting experiences a yachting enthusiast can ever have. Like many luxury homes, there are a variety of styles, colors, finishes and personalities that are immediately palpable. A typical walk through involves a pre-scheduled appointment with a yacht broker, who will often lead the way through a labyrinth of bespoke furnishings, opulent fabrics, fine art and exotic panelling in a seemingly never ending fairy tale. With the crew strategically stationed throughout the yacht, lingering in any one particular area is discouraged, making it difficult to take in all of the meticulous, sensuous details of a yacht’s interior and jaw dropping beauty.


What is it that causes us to whisper “wow” under our breath as we round each corner? Is it the creative use of glass and mirrors or the LED lighting integrated in the floors and ceilings? Or the private guest rooms with ultra luxurious linens, thoughtful bathroom vanities and Turkish saunas? Perhaps it is the natural wool carpet below our bare feet in curious colors, patterns and sculptural indentations never seen before!


No matter what interior style a yacht owner selects, every yacht offers a unique blank canvas playground for some of the world’s finest interior design talent. Design intelligence begins during the discovery phase of a project. During concept development, a critical dialogue and exchange of information between the client and the designer allows the design team to gain a complete understanding of the client’s needs, intentions and how they wish their yacht to be used. Knowledge of client’s cultural background, family habits, and personal reflections are all useful resources to manage expectations. The quality of light, the choice of materials, the use of color, and the selection of furnishings and works of art are coordinated as part of the overall scheme; and each element involves the same process of questioning and refinement as the yacht itself.


Sustainable luxury in intelligent design uses the highest quality of nontoxic materials, alternative and efficient energies, and enhanced wellness environments supportive of individual health and well being. Innovative design elements like ventilation, dehumidification and thermal comfort enhance the client and guest experience. Circadian rhythm lighting is used to support long-term health. In addition, design intelligence contemplates the use of evidence-based design and biomimicry principals throughout the design process to ensure technology is optimized and nature’s genius can overcome any design challenges.


The difference between ultimate luxury in design and contrived opulence is an interior designer’s trained eye and design intelligence, and their ability to offer a client the best options and solutions to convey the heart and soul of the yacht owner while transcending the predictable.

About Victoria Cerrone

Born and raised in an artistic Italian family on the Adriatic coast and in New York, Victoria is the Director of Business Development and Sustainability for CLEAR Yacht Interiors, a full service design firm specializing in Sustainable LuxuryTM and interior design for yachts and residential projects. As an international fine art advisor and licensed Florida attorney, Victoria leads her field in strategic, long-term collaborative UHNWI relationships in the luxury sectors. Out of her deep respect for the oceans and natural environment, her approach to life and business is founded upon innovative thinking, creative expression and enjoyment, long-lasting quality, and balanced well-being.

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