From Ship to Shore…

Being a part of the yachting industry offers an exciting, unique career – one which many of us were never expecting to be a part of.  Time seems to pass so quickly; before you know it, you have worked your way up the ranks, and all those things which seemed so alien when starting out, are now second nature. “of course it is normal to clean the hoover with a cotton bud, doesn’t everyone do that?!”

But as we move into these more senior positions, many find themselves questioning their next move will be – what happens after yachting? How can I use the skills which I have spent years perfecting? Will anyone even know what I have been doing all this time? Most of my friends still think that I spent six years on cruise ships – after the first time of explaining, I stopped correcting them!

Having come full circle, and now working as a Recruiter within the yachting industry, I became very interested in helping those who may wish to transition to land, but not quite sure what their exit strategy should be.  I have found that helping them move into the private household sector was a very natural progression – somewhere they could continue to work at the standards they had become used to, but being able to have a little more stability and balance with their work life (of course not true  for all land based positions!)

I have also noticed that from our clients’ perspectives, when trying to find estate staff, they often appreciate looking at those with yacht experience.  To me, it makes complete sense for them to consider such candidates; they are already used to working at the highest standards, and just need to adapt to a new environment.  This is of course not without its’ challenges, and there are clear differences between private households and yachts, but generally, an Owner will be looking for a similar level of service wherever they are, whether in their house, on their floating holiday home, or even on their private jet.

Moving ashore can be a daunting time, but I want to be here to reassure candidates that this is an exciting time, with lots of opportunities within the private sector.  Private households exist throughout the world, as do the varied positions – whether this is working in a country estate in the UK, a villa in Europe, or a palace in the UAE.  It may not happen overnight, and it’s good to start preparing for the move ashore in advance – start talking to agencies, and find a small selection that you develop a good relationship with, the ones who understand what you have been doing and who can see where your skills can be best utilised.  It’s hard to see past the horizon and think of the future during a never ending season on board, but try not to get too caught up in thinking ahead – make the most of every moment on yachts, and be rest assured that there are plenty of places you can continue to use your skills when you do decide to jump ship.

Written for Estate & Manor Magazine by the director of Wilson Halligan Yacht Recruitment, Nicola Morgan

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