How to Choose the Right Vessel for Your Luxury Cruise

Cruising on a yacht is a luxury dream associated with ultimate privacy and service. Base your plan for your party’s most enjoyable holiday on wise decisions about choosing the yacht that is right for you, the rest of your holiday party, and the lifestyle of your cruise.

Your first choice is between a sailing or motor yacht.

Sailing yachts are fast and exciting, but they are often narrow and usually have less room than a motor yacht of the same length. In addition, in wind or weather, the ride can be rougher. Consider your guests.  The idea of the boat “tipping” in the wind may frighten members of your party or excite the adventurous.

A motor yacht is targeted toward comfort and leisure. The yacht ride is smoother on the water and not so much determined by the wind and water currents.

Whether you choose a motor or sailing yacht the base cost is mainly determined by the length of the boat.

Factors to consider when choosing your holiday yacht

  • The crew: how many people, what languages they speak, their skills (specific requests: can be that the crew does not understand the customers’ mother tongue so that they can speak more freely, the chef’s skills, the wine list, the music, etc.)The captain’s experience
  • Number of cabins. The cabins’ configuration: not all cabins are the same. There is usually a master cabin, VIP double cabins and simple single (rare), double or even triple cabins. Sometimes there are single pullman beds instead of double beds. Is the bathroom en-suite?
  • The maximum amount of sleeping guests
  • The maximum capacity of people for a daily cruise (in case guests are going to join just for the day)
  • How many bathrooms?
  • The vessel’s age: when was it built?
  • Has it been refitted? If yes, when?
  • Technical characteristics: engines etc. and fuel consumption will have impact on the final expenses
  • The speed: good to know that when it comes to ships it is counted in knots
  • The builder and which model (if it’s not custom made)
  • The port of origin: where the vessel is normally located → this will have an impact on the cost as well: if the ship has to travel to a different port in order to carry the passengers this will raise the final cost
  • Is there possibility for water sports and, if yes, which ones?
  • Is the vessel accessible for disabled people and / or children-friendly?
  • Ask about the tenders (the small boats that bring people to the vessel) and, why not, if there is a helipad for emergency or even if someone wants to arrive to the vessel like that (applies mostly to motor yachts)
  • The style: do you want it to be modern or traditional?


It is hard to predict weather in advance but any yacht, sail or motor, will adjust speed and direction according to weather. Plan your itinerary of ports you want to visit and places you want to go so the captain has an idea of how to plot the course for minimum fuel consumption between destinations.

The final price will include the yacht rental as well as any special provisions, groceries, etc. that you add to the cruise. Some of the above mentioned factors play a decisive role to the definition of the final price: the length, the age, the builder, the capacity, the number of people of the crew, etc.  The final price is usually given separately: a price for the rental and another one for the expenses (oil & other expenses: food, drinks etc). Don’t forget to ask and control.

Planning in advance and regulating your costs will create a relaxing luxury cruise vacation.

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Thanasis Mougios adores travelling and Greece. As founder of Kinglike, a travel design and personal concierge services company, he combines these passion to create the finest individualized travel experience for your holiday in Greece. Every aspect of your stay is devoted to your contentment, from booking the villa or yacht of your dreams to making arrangements for your greatest wish or your smallest caprice. Thanasis is a frequent traveler himself. He is an avid reader, he loves good food and collects Italian wine. During his free time he likes visiting new restaurants to find out what’s new in town. He is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Greek. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan.

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