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Opera Etiquette

Be sure to applaud only when the conductor takes to the podium, after the overture, at the end of an act, after an impressive aria and at the final bows. Avoid anything else other than clapping.

Remain quiet from the time the orchestra starts – no eating, talking, or using phones, they are a definite no-no.

Do not sing along or try to read your program, do not get up or move around during the performance.

Opera casts a spell on the whole audience, so ensure that you are doing your best not to break it.

Bravo!” is for expressing appreciation for a male performer. “Brava!” is the correct form to use for a female performer. Finally, “Bravi!” is to be used for two or more performers. Make sure you get it right.

Formal attire or semi-formal is best for the opera, whereas country house opera events often require a black tie.

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