Basic Structure for Black Tie Events: The Committee Volunteers

Last time, we asked you to think about the purpose of your event, then where you hope to host the event, how large the event will be and then the theme of your event.

The next thought you should consider is:

Will you be planning this event yourself or are there people you can rely on to help you plan?

If you have the ability to host committee meetings where you can parcel out smaller projects and oversee the completion of various tasks, then that may give you more options into the complexity of the event you wish to host.

If you are planning an elaborate dinner party for eight guests, then you may want to have a valet, catering service, butler and wait-staff for the evening.

If you are planning a large event with many guests, then there are more complexities involved and this includes getting your committee assembled to help you plan.

  • To get dedicated committee members, you must be committed to finding the right people who can make commitments during the planning phase, event and post-event activities.
  • Clarify who is in charge of the overall event. Is it you? Is it somebody you have nominated? This person must be willing to handle any issues which arise during planning, the event itself, and after-event activities. You must also select a “vice-chairman” in the event the person in charge is unavailable when a vital decision needs to be made.
  • Set a regular schedule to meet so the committee members can plan around it.
  • Always remind the committee the “greater good” for which this event will support. Will you raise money for a charity? Will you help an aspiring artist make a debut and inspire others to be better people? Will these efforts help the local community?
  • Know what motivates your committee: Is it recognition? Is it the status of being part of this large undertaking? Is it the promise to network with influential people? Is it to genuinely move the charitable cause forward?
  • You may have two types of committee members: Those who have attained the social standing and wish to have their name associated with this event and may contribute resources, and those who may not have the same name-recognition, but are willing to do the leg-work to get tasks done.The sorts of tasks required by the individual with social standing could be to get their friends to buy a certain number of tickets to the event. The sort of tasks assigned to the working committee members would include things such as contact media outlets, design the programs, verify all who are hired have been back-ground checked, etc. Next time, lets examine what sorts of sub-committees you may want to include. Remember that your volunteers need a clear and concise goal to meet, so assigning them to subcommittees will be very helpful to clarify expectation

Next time the writer of this series, G.J. dePillis will discuss how to handle black tie event budgets

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