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Choosing The Right Property For Your Luxury Vacation

Choosing the right luxury accommodation for a holiday can be bewildering. To simplify and efficiently smooth your choices there are a few decisions you can make before you start your search.

Start by knowing what you want and what your needs for this particular holiday are. Although the accommodations are temporary for the length of your stay, especially on a vacation, the surroundings and amenities should be as pleasant as possible for your party. Your stay will be smoother if you make your decision beforehand. This will minimize on the spot improvisations once you arrive.

Prioritize your practical needs and the amenities that suit the personality of your party. You can sort your priorities into those that must be available and those that would add to your vacation but are not essential.

Vacation Guests

The size of the accommodation will depend on the number of people who will stay and their roles. If the party consists of adults, the search will be different than a family group with several generations that needs safety for children or ease of movement for elderly or people with special needs.

If staff members will be travelling with you, they will need separate rooms outside the main activity centers in the housing.

After you count the number of people in the group, their functions and ages, you will be able to determine the total number of bedrooms and the number of bathrooms that will comfortably hold the entire group.

Physical Space

Once you determine the room and bath needs of the vacation party, the selection process comes down to the physical location.

One major consideration is the distances from your vacation access points. The location will often determine transportation needs as well.

How far do you want to be?

  • From the airport,
  • the port,
  • the main town or the main villages of the destination,
  • from natural locations such as beaches or mountains,
  • nearby sport facilities such as skiing, scuba diving, surfing,
  • from other places that you ‘d like to visit often, such as museums, sightseeing, restaurants.


Included in location consideration are your requirements for a view. What can you see from your accommodation? Do you want to see dawn or dusk, or do you require a special positioning where you can see both. Do any nearby structures impede the view?

Is your preference to sacrifice an unobstructed view to be close to physical attractions such as a beach or lake?

Do you want a swimming pool as part of the facilities, or do you consider it too dangerous with children in the party. Monitoring children near a pool can add stress to what would otherwise be a relaxing stay.

Are privacy and tranquility high priorities? In that case, you want to make sure that your accommodations are not next to loud parties, or a neighbour that plays loud music.

Any special features that you need, such as church / gym / sauna / furniture / paintings / interior design / architecture / a place for the helicopter to land (with the appropriate license)?


For both daily activities and special events, the infrastructure and amenities required for your holiday will certainly color your final choice.

Do you want to organize a party? Is there space for guest parking? How modern is the kitchen and what size is it? Could a chef work there in peace?

Is there space for musicians or dancing? Is there a place for a DJ? Is there a bar for a bartender? Will you need extra tables and chairs? Will they fit?

If your destination has warm weather is there air conditioning?

Do you want television or Wi-Fi access during your stay?


Know your budget limitations before you make your selection. Consider the length of your stay and the needs you have prioritized by working through the above list. Think about what you might sacrifice in order to get the most of your requirements for your holiday stay and still remain within your cost considerations.

Does the accommodation provide housekeeping? Will you do your own? Will you need to hire staff? Add these “extras” to your budget to have a realistic idea of whether the total cost meets your guidelines.

Last but not least, don’t forget to get information on:

  • the amount required for the upfront payment
  • how many days prior to arrival you have to pay off
  • how much is asked as a deposit
  • the cancellation policy for both parties.

Distance Arrangements

Planning a holiday in a remote area or another country can present a language and location knowledge challenge. Getting expert local travel design will expedite your decision final decision. Prioritizing your holiday requirements is your entrée to a marvellous stay.

About Thanasis Mougios

Thanasis Mougios adores travelling and Greece. As founder of Kinglike, a travel design and personal concierge services company, he combines these passion to create the finest individualized travel experience for your holiday in Greece. Every aspect of your stay is devoted to your contentment, from booking the villa or yacht of your dreams to making arrangements for your greatest wish or your smallest caprice. Thanasis is a frequent traveler himself. He is an avid reader, he loves good food and collects Italian wine. During his free time he likes visiting new restaurants to find out what’s new in town. He is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Greek. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan.

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