How To Get The Most Out Of Your Yachting Holiday

Romance is in the air when you decide to embark on a yachting holiday. The wind and water call for sunshine and fair weather. When you book a luxury yacht weeks and sometimes months in advance, you have no control over the weather during the time of your excursion. Just like any holiday, a bit of preparation goes a long way to making your time as enjoyable as possible. Plan your voyage itinerary, prepare your guests, create some activities, and even plan a unique party.

Before you and your party leave, start by letting all the guests in your party know that being out on the water is different than being on land. It seems obvious, but not everyone knows. First of all, boats move. So let beautiful women, grandmothers, and young children know they will feel the movement as the yacht rides on the water. That way you will minimize any fear that might arise the first time the deck seems to shift and tilt. Even the steadiest of yachts experience movement both up and down and sideways. In rough weather (heavy winds, rain, and the like) be prepared for some of your party to experience mild to moderate seasickness and make sure remedies are available.

Once you are on board, pay attention to any ship rules and guidelines from the captain. Being out on the water is always a life and death situation. The captain is responsible for everyone on board, so pay attention to what he or she says. A good captain errs on the side of caution, so know that he has your best interest at heart.

Because the captain is familiar with the area of your cruise, he will be a great resource for planning your itinerary. He can make suggestions about secret beaches that are not accessible by land where you can enjoy the day in complete privacy. When you share your group’s interests, the captain can also suggest places to visit or to skip so your itinerary is as unique as your group. If you enjoy fishing, the captain will know the best spots for a good catch.

Once you decide on a destination, perhaps a popular resort, you and your party can get off the yacht to enjoy the local ambiance visiting restaurants, museums, beach bars, and any local points of interest.

If you want to learn the secrets of the sea, your best instructor will be your captain. He can tell you about wind and currents, drift, local sea lore, tales of adventure and misadventure.

While sailing between destinations, a yacht offers many forms of entertainment from watching favorite films on a large screen and listening to music while basking in the sun to the adventure of extreme sports. Many yachts have onboard swimming pools and saunas.

Most luxury yachts are equipped with water sport entertainment which will vary with the location of your cruise: snorkeling gear, small excursion boats, water skis, waterboards, inflatable water slides, jet skis, and windsurfing boards.

One of the best ways to celebrate your yachting holiday is with a party. If your yacht is staffed with a chef or if you engage a private chef for your excursion, you can plan the food and drinks with the chef. In addition, you may want a bartender and servers as well as special table settings, decor, and flowers. You can also plan for a catered event at one of your ports of call by engaging an event planner to coordinate your party when you are in port. Whichever plan you choose, an event during your yachting holiday will be a celebration well worth the organization before you set sail.

While the captain is in charge of the vessel, you are in charge of the holiday details. Communication with the captain and crew, your guests, and any service people involved in your yachting holiday will create a unique and memorable yachting experience.

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