Seven Reasons to Prefer A Private Villa over a Luxury Hotel

Luxury travellers are not just tourists, they seek a life experience in a new environment. A private villa offers a solution to many of the distinctive needs of a luxury traveller. When you plan a holiday to design your ultimate stay, considering a villa offers a number of exclusive opportunities unavailable in a hotel environment, even top-of-the-
line hotels.

1. First and foremost is privacy for you and your party. When you select a private villa, you have the opportunity for a large private estate that is exclusive to your party for the time of your stay. You won’t be bumping into other strangers in the hall or be distracted by annoying others poolside. Everyone, from you and your guests to the selected staff, is known to you. You all contribute to the holiday lifestyle you create.

2. Privacy offers the ultimate in seclusion and control. You can sunbathe or hop into a jacuzzi nude, swim in a clean swimming pool, stroll or meditate in a private garden. If you need to retire to a study to work for a few hours, you can. Essentially you have a home away from home.

3. The villa is your home. Because it is a private residence it is designed to host families and friends, not tourists. You are the host, able to design and provide the hospitality your party desires and control your environment. In a home away from home, you retain the privacy, space, and surroundings you choose even if just for a week. A luxury hotel
will offer service and amenities, but on the establishment’s terms.

4. When you holiday at a villa the services are not compromised. Housekeeping is provided, but, more importantly, you select and control other services such as a butler, a personal secretary, the chef, a personal trainer, even bodyguards. Whether you have a full staffed villa for the length of your holiday or you have a team for a special event with florists, bartenders, chef and kitchen staff, servers, celebrity DJ or a celebrity guest for one evening, each member of your staff is dedicated to personal service for you and your guests.

5. While you can host an event at a hotel, in a villa environment you are in charge of the start and end times. Serve drinks inside and out. The chef may serve dinner at 8 P.M., the DJ arrives at 9 P.M. Delightfully, the schedule is yours so that if you and your guests want to party all night or choose whatever music you want at whatever sound level you want that is your prerogative.

6. A villa is a home, so intrinsically, you will have more room than in a hotel. Set up an office space to communicate with the world and work. You and your guests can spread out to create private spaces on a balcony, in the garden, at a quiet spot in the sun by the pool, in the entertainment room. Both you and your guests will enjoy the ability to gather when you want or retire for private moments. This feeling of flow adds to the holiday lifestyle experience to create an added level of pleasure.

7. Surprisingly, a villa can be more cost effective than a hotel, especially when several couples or parties share expenses. You and your party have complete control over the costs. In addition, whereas a hotel will always add a percentage for any service provided when you contract for your services directly with your hand-picked staff you
control the price through direct negotiation.

In a villa you are a citizen of your vacation world rather than a tourist. With planning and coordination selecting a villa as your holiday residence offers many values that cannot be obtained at a hotel. In addition, you enjoy the seclusion and privacy to design each day of your vacation in a cost effective manner.

About Thanasis Mougios

Thanasis Mougios adores travelling and Greece. As founder of Kinglike, a travel design and personal concierge services company, he combines these passion to create the finest individualized travel experience for your holiday in Greece. Every aspect of your stay is devoted to your contentment, from booking the villa or yacht of your dreams to making arrangements for your greatest wish or your smallest caprice. Thanasis is a frequent traveler himself. He is an avid reader, he loves good food and collects Italian wine. During his free time he likes visiting new restaurants to find out what’s new in town. He is fluent in English, Russian, Italian and Greek. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Business Management from the University of Bologna and a master’s degree from SDA Bocconi School of Management in Milan.

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