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Getting that Multimillionaire Mindset

When landing your first position in wealthy household it can sometimes lead to anxiety creeping in and wreaking havoc on your mind. After many years in recruitment you come across such a mixture of people from those who exude confidence to candidates who seem to have an element of fear when it comes to new placements.

Meet Andy Murphy. Andy is originally from Liverpool, UK but over the years he has lived in some of the most fascinating destinations on the planet such as Australia, New Zealand and Bali. These days Andy spends most of his time living between Los Angeles and Miami enjoying the sun and loving life and work. This clearly shows as he is one of the happiest, most upbeat people I have ever come across!

His work you may ask? What does he do? Andy uses his underpinning knowledge and expertise of N.L.P (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and behavioural psychology in the world of consulting and coaching. He works with international clients using his skills and passion to help his clients create new mental patterns in order to accelerate their success. Andy’s clients range from Saudi Arabian Royalty, 8-figure CEOs and entrepreneurs, world-champion athletes as well as film producers and actors.

Andy’s first foray into the world of N.L.P started at the tender age of 24

“I first found N.L.P in a sales and marketing environment in Sydney, Australia at the age of 24. From there I was head hunted to New Zealand with a small group of the top performers in Australia. I was hired by several companies and broke all sales records in each of them. By the time I left New Zealand I had seen over 2000 people face to face.

A couple of years passed and I wanted to see what else was out there in the world and found out about the Dubai property fair and at the same time connected with my business partner and the project to build in Fiji was born. Everything was growing nicely until two years into the project and real estate industry crashed creating bankruptcy, and a nervous breakdown for me. This moment changed my life as I turned down a career in Hong Kong, left New Zealand and instead went to Los Angeles to begin a new career as an entrepreneur with a focus in NLP, first starting by helping professional athletes accelerate performance and win”

Who are Andy’s clients and why do they seek him out?

“Clients seek me out often after they have tried everything else with psychology etc and then get referred to myself. NLP is one of the modalities that I love to use to be able to re-wire thoughts and design new patterns of behaviour, in other words it gives us control of our emotions and thoughts. Your brain is made up of neural nets, which are like muscles. When we are able to visually design what exactly we want and how we want to feel, we are able through specific systems, techniques and tools give clients the ability to build and become a whole new version of themselves. Clients have worked with me through business mergers, stress control, overwhelming rapid growth of their business, to creating a winning streak after 5 defeats in the ring. Even actors doing TV shows and having chronic anxiety all use the what I teach to get over what is stopping them performing. The other side of what I do is creating peak mental states, where we design the brilliant version of themselves so they can step into an event with total confidence and focus”

But what exactly is a VIP mind-set? How does that particular mind-set differ from the mind-set of those of us who do not own vast estates, luxury yachts and expensive cars?

“For example, when working with royalty, if we were to focus on money. When the stress of money is not there, then their focus and therefore their mind muscles begin to build onto different areas of their life, e.g. growing the business or creating the circumstances to buy the cars and luxury yachts. Someone who is earning $100,000 USD per year, although good money, still worries and stresses about finances. The main difference is that people with money have a certain belief about it; in regards to understanding that they can always create more and also know through technical knowledge of how to invest. Someone who is not in the same bracket generally don’t have the same belief and calmness and also is not educated in money management”

What about the fear or anxiety when it comes to working with wealthy employers? How can an individual overcome their fears when they find themselves offered a job in a wealthy household or on-board a super yacht for the first time?

“The first thing I need to explain is that we are all human. We all have very similar pressures of life with family and personal circumstances. Once you understand that, then you must communicate with them in the same way. They are simply people. You can be respectful of the person due to that they are another human being and also learn how they created such a beautiful life financially. This has nothing to do with whether they are a nice person and you value their opinion in others areas of life. Once you know this, it begins to take the pressure away. As you see them as an equal, as we are all equal in this world. Just because someone has created wealth or was born into it does not make them better, it makes them have more knowledge of that world. This might sound counter intuitive, however when you can view things from this perspective you are able to build rapport with anyone on the planet”

What basic techniques exist that could help optimise performance levels on a daily basis for those seeking these luxury positions?

“A very deep topic and something that people should definitely connect with me about, however a simple yet powerful thing readers can implement is state change. To explain it simply we are all a different version of ourselves in different areas of our lives. The parent version of you has very different beliefs, attitudes and even self-talk compared to when you are playing tennis etc. Understand that you being in work is also a very different version of you, you must become aware of this and be able to step in and out of this role for being able to be the best employee you can be also create a balance in your life”

Should you wish to contact Andy in regards to upping your game, you can reach him at, or visit his website: – Andy also has a podcast available on iTunes called ‘Mindset By Design’ which focuses on self-improvement, health, wealth, happiness and mind hacks for peak performance.

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