Kitting out a Superyacht Interior

Laura Clemson, owner of Laura Clemson: Bespoke Tableware and Silverware left the UK in 2011 with her design background as she felt the need to travel and probably get away from the miserable weather. Laura found herself joining the yachting industry where she spent some time on board luxury yachts but also ample time in the shipyards where she oversaw interior projects on behalf of yacht owners. It was then that Laura realised there was a gap in the market for a company that could consolidate a wide offering of the best luxury tableware, linens and decorative items which would be more than suitable for the most luxurious of homes or yachts whilst offering personal assistance to search for or design the most suitable items on the customers behalf and deliver those items worldwide. Also, because Laura keeps a record of all past orders, it makes ordering replacements or adding other items to a collection at a later date easy.

Laura has an assiduous approach to her business, and as a result she is at the forefront of everything that happens on a daily basis.

“I manage all of our projects with assistance from numerous specialists in different relevant areas. I like to oversee all stages of design/purchase/customer assistance, to ensure all customers get the best service and products available to suit their requirements. Also our customers like the fact that they are dealing with me directly, rather than working with a big company to whom they are just ‘a number”

With yachting trends usually revolving around areas such as ‘infotainment’ set ups, hydraulic swim platforms and Master staterooms, where do the trends for bespoke tableware and silverware lie?

“Trends for bespoke tableware and silverware vary hugely between the nationalities of the customers, but generally emphasis is on coordinating with the interior design. Perhaps we will use a painting or tile in the dining room as inspiration to produce designs for tableware and decorative pieces, pulling patterns and colours and turning them into a fabulous range of designs.

On board yachts customers often like to have their yacht name or logo incorporated into designs, embossed onto cutlery or integrated into patterns on their china for example”

With tableware, luscious accessories and luxury linens often being overlooked in favour of ‘the bigger picture’ – how important is it to match luxury pieces to that of the interior of the yacht?

“Bespoke tableware is becoming more and more popular as the most luxurious option available. There are few limits to the design possibilities, allowing for us to create the ultimate unique statement reflecting the buyer’s style and coordinating perfectly with their home/yacht interior.

Dining is such an event and the theatre of dining and service ever so important to create the perfect dining experience. Customers who choose completely bespoke tableware are wanting to step it up a notch higher. They want the highest quality tableware available, that is designed and made for them and them alone, and this statement is clear when all is in situ and in coordination with interior design or other logos, patterns and shapes from the interior. The perfect finishing touch.

With regards to linens; on board yachts, more often than not bed shapes and sizes are not standard, as is often the case in luxury homes also. We can produce custom linens in the customer’s specified dimensions, with many different embroidery and design combinations to choose from to match the interior, in the most luxurious of fabrics (that even the royal family sleep under one of my suppliers tells me, although unfortunately the Queen is not a direct customer of ours!)”

With such ornate and meticulous tableware and accessories comes the desire to use them on a regular basis and exhibit them in all of their grandeur. We all know the simple equation: Use equals wear and tear. How are bespoke pieces and fabrics maintained?

“We work with the best silversmiths in London and Sheffield so repairs, re-plating, and professional polishing is something that we are very good at. We can even repair chips to crystal in many cases so there is no need to throw out damaged glasses anymore!

All boutique companies who deal with affluent clients will be dealt an interesting hand in terms of service requests at some point throughout the company lifespan; ranging from the super absurd through to the near impossible.

“I haven’t yet had any particularly unusual requests from customers, but my suppliers certainly have, usually with regards to the scale of decorative pieces but unfortunately I cannot share much information due to customer confidentiality, but how does a mechanical, silver plated, 6ft wide cake stand sound? (I do hope they got more than one use out of it)”

What does the future hold for the Laura Clemson brand?

“As our customer base gets wider, we are expanding our offering to compliment and cater to our customer’s requests, and we do like to embrace a challenge, especially with regards to bespoke tableware and decorative pieces in precious metals.

As the company expands I am very particular with whom I employ. It is very important that we continue to create intimate relationships with our customers, and provide them with the best of the best, as our reputation and recommendations from previous customers is what the business thrives on.”

Visit the Laura Clemson website at and find out more about Laura’s international bespoke services.

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