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The Emergence of Professional Primary Residence Property Management is Poised to Change the Way We Live & Love

Whether for the purposes of asset preservation or lifestyle enhancement (or both) the idea of retaining a highly trained provider of professional property management services for the home one lives in is now coming of age. 

Referred to simply as PRM, this rapidly growing home service is destined to positively disrupt how homeowners enjoy their homes and spend their money. Primary Residence Management (PRM) simply put is a service designed to provide and execute solutions for anything and everything that can go in, on, under or around one’s home.

From reactive and routine maintenance, to major property improvements, to processing household financial transactions, to planning social events, PRM supports homeowners in all aspects of managing the homes they live in. To provide maximum value the delivery of the services rendered are tailored to the specific needs of the homeowner and the homeowner’s family.

How professional property management can change the way you live your life

The tale of Laura and Antoine illustrates vividly how amazing and undeniably life changing engaging PRM can be.

Laura & Antoine met in college, after graduation moved to Los Angeles to start their careers in the areas booming tech industry. On the job 50–60 hours weekly, they have worked diligently and gained a level of success they never imagined.

They live in a beach community just south of Los Angeles, enjoy an active social calendar, have a beautiful home and two young children but, along the way to this dream life things have gotten complicated – Life has gotten in the way!

With all of their outward signs of success they had found themselves drifting apart and their home falling apart. Things had gotten so bad that Laura had actually come up with a list of reasons why she hated being a homeowner.

The breaking point came when the HVAC broke down for the third time and the home warranty company denied coverage. After hours on the phone, meeting service technicians Laura was at her wits end, she didn’t know what to do.

For Laura and Antoine the stresses of juggling their professions, a growing family and their home was becoming overwhelming. It was taking it’s toll.

It was around this time that Laura, during an increasingly rare meet-up with a girlfriend first learned of PRM. She was sharing about the HVAC debacle when her girlfriend blurted out – “Sounds like you need Primary Residence Management!

That afternoon Laura gave her girlfriend’s property management company in LA a call and scheduled an in-home interview with a representative of the company.

During that interview Laura & Antoine we introduced to the benefits of having a PRM provider on call 24/7. Before the meeting had ended they had decided to engage the company. The first order for the company was to resolve the HVAC conundrum once and for all.

To that end the PRM provider, using a solution based approach, got to work on solving the problem. The company was able to meet with an HVAC technician they work with regularly and together they came up with a plan which was presented to Laura and Antoine for their approval.

Once approved the plan was executed and the HVAC nightmare came to an end.

In the months since hiring their very own professional primary residence property manager, Laura and Antoine have gotten back on the same page, stress levels are at an all time low, their home life has never been better and of course Laura’s list is all but a faded memory.

Hiring the right Primary Residence Manager requires some thoughtfulness.

The right Primary Resident Manager is your personal “Home Advocate” who takes a holistic approach to the job of managing your home. Someone you can reasonable rely upon to protect your best interest when it comes to matters of the home.

They know how to source the right professionals, they speak the language of the various vendors, they are tough negotiators and they demand high standards of value and quality.

It is the job of the Primary Residence Manager to take over the stress involved in problem solving and to provide you solutions to you wants and needs.

7 Question to Ask Any Primary Residence Property Manager you may be interviewing

  1. How long have you been providing PRM services?
  2. What is the difference between PRM and vacation home management?
  3. How do your services different from those of a Household Manager/Home Office?
  4. What services other then PRM do you provide?
  5. What is your process for sourcing vendors?
  6. How do tailor services to the individual client?
  7. What cost control practices do you employ to save clients money?

If you have experienced any of the strains or stresses Laura & Antoine experienced it is time to look into hiring a professional primary residence manager to lower your stress levels, increase your productivity and maximize your overall happiness.

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