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When discussing Private Staffing we often think about renowned cities such as London, New York and Geneva! I had a small window in which to chat to Anthony Mauro, CEO of Adventurepreneur Escapes based in St Croix, US Virgin Islands to chat about his business and the staff which are most commonly found on the wealthy island. Anthony’s 6 day/7 night immersion gives entrepreneurs from around the U.S a space to clear their mind, network and collaborate with like-minded people, and break patterns that are holding them back with world-class coaches. The entire week is broken up into 3 modules: Reset, Play, Evolve. 

The first three days, Adventurepreneur’s will unplug completely.  This means no phone calls, no emails, and no internet. It is a time to reset your brain, disconnect from your devices, and focus solely on yourself.  

This coincides with the next module, which is play.  During this time of being unplugged, entrepreneurs will experience first class private excursions and activities on the island. From scuba diving and snorkeling to going on a safari or horseback riding, it is a time for adventure and fun without pressure.   

The third module is evolve.  This is where the entrepreneurs will experience two full days with top-coaches who will not only guide them in breaking patterns of burnout and overwhelm, but also teach them tools on how to reset themselves in the future.

The last and final day is a full mastermind between the entrepreneurs and the coaches.  It becomes a cultivated space to share ideas with each other, gain new perspective, and propel forward.  Allowing them to leave feeling rejuvenated, invigorated and excited to head home and blast forward in their business and life.” 

The culturally diverse nature of St. Croix is one of the many draws to business people and entrepreneurs from around the globe, but as being a US territory more of the upper echelon are made of Ex-pat Americans.  Properties can range from $200,000 US for a 1 bedroom condo to $15,000,000.00 for the most luxurious ocean front villas.  Former Vice President Joe Biden (US) visits frequently along with many other notable celebrities from sports and Hollywood.  The general seclusion and privacy the island affords makes it an ideal locale for those people wanting to keep to themselves and feel comfortable within their surroundings.

“Private chefs, nannies, and professional educators are integral for the to the everyday lives of many of the inhabitants whether they are on holiday or full time residents of the island.  Through the use of the Estate and Manor Jobsite we were able to find a well versed private chef for our upcoming entrepreneurial immersion would made our staffing predicament much more convenient and professional.  We were able to quickly find a yacht chef that was familiar with life and expectation of Caribbean life and and the expectations of our million dollar clients.  Having vast experience in and around the Caribbean and different parts of the world is essential to us.  Not only do we cater to US business people, but global clients.  Therefore, it was paramount that we find a chef that is well versed in variety of cuisine and is familiar working with wealthy individuals as we value our clients privacy, comfort and exclusivity.”

For the millionaire entrepreneurs who attend the Adventurepreneur Escapes immersion, private staffing professionals are an integral part of their daily lives due to the distinct lack of time which comes with the entrepreneurial territory.

Many young entrepreneurs are still in the building phases of their empires and have little or no time at all to care for the daily duties that come with owning a residence or doing the daily activities required.  Hiring professional staff that can be trusted to take care of all the details in a timely and professional manner puts less stress on the individual and creates invaluable time that would otherwise be impossible to get.  Typical staff would include private chefs, nannies to care for children, housekeepers to care for the residence and private chauffeurs to free up the most amount of time.”

With Adventurepreneur Escapes in full swing and in growing in popularity Anthony mentioned that the staff list would not merely stop at hiring Private Chefs

We would definitely consider a housekeeper and we have considered doing family events where children would also come to our immersions.  In this case we would need the proper educators/nannies in place to care for the children of our clients.”

Be sure to visit Adventurepreneur Escapes website for a taste of what Anthony’s programme offers in the U.S Virgin Islands:

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