Become A Professional Butler With Online Butler Training

Have You Ever Wanted to train as butler but could never afford the large fees charged by the butler schools?

This exclusive online butler course by the School For Butlers & Hospitality will allow you to learn all the skills needed to become a world-class butler working who works in the most prestigious environments around the world without paying the usual butler training course which equates to over $10,000...

Our Online Butler Course Modules

Becoming A Butler

Module one involves learning about what a private butler does and then learning anticipation, techniques, body language all while building self-confidence and developing personal excellency.

Table Service Management

In module four, you will learn and master everything in relation to the dining room. Lessons range from polishing silver and napkin folding through to waiting at a table and serving afternoon tea correctly.


In module seven, you will learn how to help your principal when he/she is planning to travel. This will include how to pack and unpack a suitcase correctly, as well as valeting a car

Domestic Management System

Module ten will build on all of your knowledge you have learned in the previous lessons and teach you how to management a household; from housekeeping, and zoning the residence through to keeping a butler book.

The Butler Service

Module two will build from the first module and start teaching you all about the guest matrix as well as important areas such as concierge service through to gift wrapping  and bookcare 

Wardrobe Management

Module five covers everything in relation to a principal's wardrobe. The lessons will give you the methodology required to successfully arrange, store and maintain high-quality clothing,

Food and Beverage

Module eight is all about handling and preparing the finest foods on the planet. You will learn how to serve caviar, goose-liver and truffles to the principal

Getting A Butler Job

The final module will be all about finding employment with your new butler qualification. You will learn how to source the best recruiters and online platforms to help you as well as write the best CV for a newly-qualified butler

Butler Etiquette

Module three will teach you everything in relation to butler behaviour and protocol. You learn all about titles, how to greet and make introductions as well as table manners


Module six will teach you how to master the art of event planning and preparation. You will be given an 'Event Sheet' which will show you the heart of the perfect event, including handling shotguns!

Wine Training

Module nine will teach you all about modern wines and fortified wines. You will also learn how to taste wine and the process for a butler to decant both wine and port.

Our step-by-step online butler training is much more than only the hands on things. Our online butler course will teach you everything regarding management, leadership and we will show you how to run a multi-million dollar estate, like a professional Butler

Vincent Vermeulen
Founder & MD

We offer our online butler courses for everyone, everywhere.

Become a fully-qualified butler once you complete our full training programme which will give you everything you need to provide a World-Class private service on estates, luxury yachts and luxury events

New Learners

If you have never worked as a butler before, this online course will help you learn the key principles behind being a butler and how to do it using the latest methods

Private Staff

If you have worked in a private household as a member of staff but have always wanted to become a butler, this course will fast-tract you towards your goal.

Hospitality Professionals

If you have worked in hospitality but want to make the switch to luxury private service, our butler course will give you the best trainer to prepare you for private service

Learn how to become a professional butler without spending your life savings...

How the courses are structured

All 12 of course modules in our online butler programme are separated into detailed and easy to manage lessons. Lessons come with details step-by-step videos,, accompanying worksheets and quizzes to test your knowledge as you go.

Why our online butler course will work for you

  • Study at your own pace, around your commitments
  • Learn step-by-step with our easy to use dashboard
  • Avoid the high costs associated with live butler courses
  • All course materials are provided. No hidden extras
  • Spread out the investment with a monthly payment

Founder: Vincent Vermeulen

After a lifelong experience in the hospitality industry, I started The School For Butlers & Hospitality. Every day at our school and through our online courses, we are committed to redefining hospitality in the private and corporate world. We want to help people like you realise their dream to become a professional butler

What former butler trainees are saying

"I have been working for over a year as butler, every day with a smile. This is life changing!"

Gino, D

Online butler training for hospitality professionals

I am now working for an Asian principal and mainly in his Courchevel mansion. Thanks to your intensive 8 week training I am now able to work as a professional butler. 

N. S

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