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Finding a Private Service Job after attending Butler School

Diploma; yep. Operational; yep. Enthusiastic; yep. Agencies inundating you with mouth-watering offers; no. Agencies offering you interviews; no. Agencies telling you that you may need three languages and 5 years experience; probably. The task facing newly-qualified private service professionals can be daunting as they find themselves in the unenviable position of starting from the bottom. All is not lost as many will possess skills and competences that are transferable, but the problem of a lack of private service experience persists and is often difficult to circumvent.

Every person who works in private service has at some time had the job rug pulled from under them during the interview process and it is disheartening to say the least. Maintaining one’s motivation can be akin to eating a chocolate cake before and after every training run but motivation must be garnered from somewhere and it is not choosing the easy path with negative benefit; just think of being that chocolate cake-loving runner!

This is perhaps where the grueling hours of training should come to the fore accompanied by certain key questions. Questions such as “Why enter private service?”, “Am I dedicated to this profession?”, “Am I as prepared as I should be?” “Can I be better?” “Who can help me?” all need to be asked of oneself. If one can answer each of these positively and with honesty then the path to a future career will happen as there is nothing easy about this choice.

Having had a very tough training course is like having had to eat lots and lots of greens every day; unpleasant but they keep you regular! It is also vital as one needs to have that training memory to fall back upon. If one does not have this then the trigger moments that one needs in moments of doubt, and it is hoped when one is in function, will be missing and will lead to poor decisions and doubting one’s ability.

Once one is certain of the value of one’s training, motivation and confidence in one’s ability then it is a matter of showing this to the recruiters. The veritable cohorts of agencies and other recruiters may seem like an impenetrable forest but if one can narrow the field and be selective then the task becomes easier. Achieving this goal is done through choosing the criteria of the career in private service which will make it much easier to choose a recruiter and more importantly to come across as focused and confident when one encounters recruiters.

An additional benefit of such an approach is that the template is easily applied to all media that one utilises for recruitment, presenting a coherent path for the recruiter to follow. Being disciplined means that all information is edited at the same time thus eliminating any discrepancies. Practices such as this lead to greater confidence in oneself and maintains motivation through the repetition of good practice.

About Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is 48 years old and qualified as a butler in 2014 having graduated from The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands. He comes from a catering background and is a graduate of London South Bank University where he obtained a BA Hotel management.At The International Butler Academy, Mr. Kelly stood out because of his personality and character, his management qualities and his overall professionalism. Mr. Kelly was appreciated by all, instructors and fellow students alike, for his understanding and support to all around him. He valued hard work and working as part of a team.Having worked for many years in the hospitality industry, Mr. Kelly has decided that his career in the future will be in the world of private service and he wishes to work in a private household or in corporate butling situation. He has worked in many facets of the hospitality industry and has experience leading teams.Mr. Kelly also has experience in the wine industry where he has experience of primary production and in sales both to the off and on-sales sectors. Furthermore, Mr. Kelly has had experience in fine wines and in export having been involved in setting up an export service to China.Currently working in the wine industry, Mr. Kelly is nevertheless altering his career path to follow a long-held ambition to be of service. He feels that his career until now, although in the service industry, has not had enough of the personal element of service. Great service for him is an adherence to the tenets of energy, passion and commitment that are the hallmarks of truly great service naturally allied to excellent technical skills.The need for discretion is very important for Mr. Kelly and he has always been honest in his career. He knows what it means to be utterly loyal. During his career, he has maintained the highest standards of integrity and professionalism when dealing with private and professional clients.

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