Private Service Careers: How To Become a Butler

In today's world, the Butler has become more than a private household employee. Luxury hotels, 6* cruise ships, superyachts, and private jets are also potential clients, as a lot of people choose to have a Butler as a right-hand person in much of their daily life. The Butler trade is exciting,  giving, it provides a constant learning pathway and a potential way of living for a lot of people. It is an ideal profession if you have: dedication, skills, know-how, good discretion values and an open heart. 

So who can become a true private Butler?

First of all, the Butler trade is not for everyone. As a hospitality worker, you need to be humble and always show a high service-attitude. As a Butler, you also sacrifice some of your privacy, some of your potential leisure time, as things can suddenly come up, and also you live close to peoples private lives, while possibly sacrificing a little of your own. 

Keywords for a Butler is, therefore; discretion, anticipation and dedication. Discretion for obvious reasons – Anticipation for your principal or guest's wishes and demands – Dedication for a world of ultimate private service and new challenges.

Light cooking, bartending, wine knowledge, house maintenance, car maintenance, taking care of wardrobe, shoes, watches… A Butler has a lot of different hats to wear, and a strong background from hospitality is, therefore, a big asset. Serving and acting as the principal's, or guest's right-hand person for other guests is probably the most important task, and you will therefore often see that a lot of Butlers have a strong restaurant or hotel background.

A Butler role is never the same. From house to house, hotel to hotel, principal to principal. It is essential to be prepared for a life without normal working routines, with a safe and strong know-how on food and beverage, and an open mind for questions and demands on almost all and everything.

The Butler role is important, exciting, educational and fundamental in relationship building. From hotels to private households, yachts or others, a Butler often becomes more than a professional, he or she can sometimes also become not only an important factor for a family but also a factor in the family.

So think hard before you consider changing careers and considering private service as a viable option for you. Think again and follow your heart and head. Heart for the human values, and head for your own personal well being in such a role. 

When searching for a job, career and commitment, the Butler role might feel like it's right up your alley. But prepare yourself, educate yourself and be ready for a world of exciting roles and duties. My theory is as follows: If You want to become a Butler, You can do it.

A #Butler role is never the same. From house to house, hotel to hotel, principal to principal. It is essential to be prepared for a life without normal working routines

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Where to find your Butler education?

For me personally, the Butler is of British origin. Originally from France, (buttelier: Butler) but perfected and developed during the British empire. I chose one of the butler schools in London when I decided to develop my Butler skills after some twenty-five years in hospitality. Now there are Butler schools popping up everywhere, in a lot of countries and continents.

Choose from your heart, contact the butler school and have questions ready which meet your personal satisfaction. You or your business will spend a lot of money on it, so be secure in your choice, and be ready for the International World of Butlers, where it's not only magic that happens, but also where personal development never ends.

To recap, here are the most important points when considering a career as a private butler:

  • As a Butler, You never end your learnings.
  • Check out more than one Butler school before your choice of education.
  • Educate yourself on the salary standards of a butler vs the cost of butler training
  • Ask for examples of texts, reading list, videos, brochures or links
  • Find out what's included in the total price. A butler school is not cheap.
  • Ask for bed, breakfast and facility tips or contacts for your stay if not included.
  • Always - always check out other students feedback. Contact other students as for a personal chat.
  • Choose with your heart, and connect with your head.
  • Be prepared before you start. Clothing, shoes, watch, amenities… Not to be or become a snob, but to be prepared to become a Gentleman/woman.

Get access to special online butler training

The School for Butlers and Hospitality have one of the premiere online butler schools for those wishing to make their first steps into a successful career as a private household butler. You can learn more about their butler training here

Written by Tore Berger: F&B Consultant & Professional Butler founder of Berger Consulting 

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