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Where the Butler Does It

The days of a butler being duty bound to one household, perhaps with some exceptions, are long gone. Modern times call for modern butlers and he or she is to be found in many places. First and foremost the butler performs the classic role of man-servant, possessed of an ice-cool temperament, entailing traditional butler service and general control of domestic arrangements perhaps even Personal Assistant (PA) duties. However this is merely the tip of the ‘butling’ iceberg.

One may find butlers operating in many different spheres and many will enter the profession as a houseman or as a personal valet. These modern positions quite often do not adhere to their traditional remits being rather opaque in the duties covered, ranging from traditional activities to full butler services. The mainstay of the modern butler remains the day to day running of a household whether in a solo role or as a palace manager; such roles would be seen as traditional but butlers may now be found in quite different places.

High class hotels now offer butler service to their richest clients striving to offer the best bespoke service. In a similar way the cruise ship market has sought to pamper its fortuned clients by offering a tailor-made service. Butlers will also be engaged to work on private yachts, in private jets, in high-class resorts and of course in the corporate world where companies seek to impress each other with high standards of sophistication and service and perhaps a touch of one-upmanship.

A butler is above all flexible and capable of adjusting to any set of circumstances. A further observation is that a butler offers true personal service and in some of the positions mentioned above a butler may never be able to demonstrate his or her full range of skills as the personal nature of the work may be absent.


About Patrick Kelly

Patrick Kelly is 48 years old and qualified as a butler in 2014 having graduated from The International Butler Academy in the Netherlands. He comes from a catering background and is a graduate of London South Bank University where he obtained a BA Hotel management. At The International Butler Academy, Mr. Kelly stood out because of his personality and character, his management qualities and his overall professionalism. Mr. Kelly was appreciated by all, instructors and fellow students alike, for his understanding and support to all around him. He valued hard work and working as part of a team. Having worked for many years in the hospitality industry, Mr. Kelly has decided that his career in the future will be in the world of private service and he wishes to work in a private household or in corporate butling situation. He has worked in many facets of the hospitality industry and has experience leading teams. Mr. Kelly also has experience in the wine industry where he has experience of primary production and in sales both to the off and on-sales sectors. Furthermore, Mr. Kelly has had experience in fine wines and in export having been involved in setting up an export service to China. Currently working in the wine industry, Mr. Kelly is nevertheless altering his career path to follow a long-held ambition to be of service. He feels that his career until now, although in the service industry, has not had enough of the personal element of service. Great service for him is an adherence to the tenets of energy, passion and commitment that are the hallmarks of truly great service naturally allied to excellent technical skills. The need for discretion is very important for Mr. Kelly and he has always been honest in his career. He knows what it means to be utterly loyal. During his career, he has maintained the highest standards of integrity and professionalism when dealing with private and professional clients.

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