Wednesday , October 13 2021

30 day UNLIMITED Job Postings For Private Staffing Agencies


If you are looking for high-quality estate staff and private household staff, our specialist career site allows individuals, families and chief’s of staff to quickly post their job vacancies to a very selective audience consisting of Estate Managers, Household Managers, Private Chefs, Housekeepers, Nannies, Governesses, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Estate Gardeners, Security Personnel, Yacht Crew, Private Jet Crew, Majordomos, Hotel Managers, Concierge, Villa Managers, Villa Staff, Chalet Staff and more…

Once a payment has been made, you will be sent instructions on how to get started with your job postings.


We allow UNLIMITED domestic/private staffing job postings as you have for just £97.00 .

Post as many opportunities as you wish for 30 days for Estate Managers, House Managers, Butlers, Chauffeurs, Nannies, Governesses, Chefs, Housekeepers and more whenever you want and extend your reach.


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