Resume & Cover Letter Redesign


Taking your existing resume and redesigning into something which looks elegant and fitting of a private staffing professional who is searching for top tier openings inside some of the world’s most prestigious estates and households.

Includes 1 email PDF copy, 1 DOC copy (for editing) of the cover letter and resumé/cover letter


Is your resumé and cover letter looking dates?  Does it lack the VIP feel which elite families expect with everything and everyone they buy or hire?

Our beautiful, elegant resumé and cover letter design will encapsulate a feeling of visual luxury for any employer who possesses it. Your resumé should have great attention paid to it as it is your way of impressing enough to gain an interview opportunity.

With our resumé package you get your current application pack redesigned and will receive 1 PDF copy of both.

  • One cover letter and resumé for email attachments (PDF)

Choose your colour from 5 tasteful options!

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Dark, Red, Gold, Blue, Green


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