Tonic & Remedy Bar & Restaurant at M by Montcalm 5 Star Hotel

M by Montcalm in Shoreditch, is a new ‘designer’ hotel that forms part of The Montcalm Luxury Hotels London brand. The hotel offers a 5 star Spa (M Spa) ‘with décor by Versace’, plus a bar and restaurant feature, named Tonic & Remedy Bar (operated by Searcy’s restaurants), which is located on both the ground and mezzanine floors of the Shoreditch hotel. There is a cocktail bar on the mezzanine level with tasteful, stylish architecture exhibiting a subtle Anglo-American vibe to it. Think London meets New York.

Visually eye catching – a stylish, rhombus shaped building in the middle of the London Tech centre skyline.

M by Montcalm is easily commutable once you arrive in the Hoxton, Liverpool Street or Old Street areas of London, taxi or tube will make your journey manageable. A huge M logo, located at the front and right hand side of the building pretty much lets you know where you are.

On arrival, the sliding glass doors open up to the main lobby, as well as the ground floor Tonic & Remedy, bar and drinking area, which is well lit, and located to the right of the main entrance. This area is characterised by high table and seating, as well as standing areas with natural light from outside and well blended interior lighting. Excellent for holding receptions for private bookings and after work gatherings. The orange logo at the front of the building indicates where to head to. There is a chalk board outside that highlights daily offers such as 2 courses for £18, which is fair by London standards.

The main foyer has disabled access, and is decorated with light grey marble flooring, subtle bright purple stair lights, and a gorgeous show stealing Roberto Cavalli/ Swarovski type chandelier, hanging overhead from the ceiling. There are comfortable, pastel coloured seats (all leather), apple style monitors (1 large standalone device, plus 4 enclosed table units) carrying the M by Montcalm brand screen wall paper, looks marvellous. Reading materials such as the Business Traveller, Esquire, Financial Times and Vogue, are provided on the lounge desks for visitors. There are also artistic children’s books, including Mario for young guests.

The mezzanine floor, houses the restaurant, an extended lounge/ drink and snacks section, and the aforementioned cocktail bar, which has the added feature of being home to none other than Jeremy Pascal of award winning mixologist fame.

The kitchen area is open and visible, for guests to enjoy and revel in the culinary skills of the kitchen staff, which includes Head Chef Paul Welburn.

I ate in the drink and snacks area, which has discrete, professionally covered power supply units and easy to access, strong Wi-Fi, for technology device users. I enjoyed a ‘milkshake’ cocktail, served in a miniature milk bottle with sugared mint and a straw, plus a very tasty avocado, pomegranate and nut, ‘herbal salad’ with wholemeal bread loaf, all very healthy. I never eat avocado, however, this was so tasty I had no other option but to eat it all! Top marks to the chefs for the well-presented food offering – the bread (warm) even came in a branded brown paper bag, with a peg for presentation effect. All thoroughly enjoyable!

Staff are visible, ready to help on request. Minimal interaction, so your visit is uninterrupted for the most part. You will notice a lot of back and forth as the staff perform regular walk-throughs and the cleaners ensure the venue is kept presentable and tidy.

The toilet area was located to the rear of the mezzanine floor and is a good standard, with tasteful art on the male and female areas alike, indicating gender directions. Both hand cream and soap are available for skin care purposes, and the design is grand, good use of marble, varnished wood and of course basin furnishings.

En route to and from the toilet area, there are small visual delights in the form of the stylish black and white modern lift area, and the nicely lit staircase with pretty flowers on the perimeter ledge.

Although, I did not stay at the hotel overnight I got a good feel for the hospitality location, from a ‘long day in the office’ visit. The leather seating (single seater chairs on the mezzanine level), could be a little wider for guests with large builds, and perhaps the 2 person tables could be larger too.

A private area, and more discreet entrances for the arrival and departures of VIPs would be the absolute cherry on the cake here. However, the concierge desk location is located next to a side entrance – so this can theoretically address the VIP feature requirement.

The M by Montcalm hotel venue, is best described as a luxury venue for professionals and VIP tourists in the first instance. It is both 5 star in service offer and style.

I think it should prove popular with out of town corporate guests, and I would happily stay at the hotel, and visit the spa on a special occasion or if invited to review

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