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Clean as a Yacht Whistle

Ah, the sights and sounds of Spring as yachts near and far make preparations for their pilgrimage to destinations north of Florida and abroad to the Mediterranean. Captain and crew alike are busy maintaining and ensuring the immaculate condition of the yachts, while shipyards are in high gear completing last …

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Reclaiming the Galley Without Boiling Over

Question: Ben, Chef 33: “My galley seems to have become the new favourite space for everyone to hang out and chat. If it’s not the stews gossiping in the pantry, it’s the deckies or Captain coming in for a chat and asking what’s for dinner. Sometimes crew start congregating about …

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Crew Phones: Give Them the Float Test?

Question: Geoff, Captain: “Every time I see my crew these days they seem to be on their blooming mobile phones. No-one talks to each other in the crew mess anymore and I’m sure their work is suffering because they’re obsessed with checking their phones every two seconds! They’re using up …

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