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How Private staff help prepare the household for Christmas

Doing Christmas the UK way: how do multicultural household staff coordinate and incorporate traditions to lay on an authentic and professional British experience? Most international clients living in the UK use the Christmas break to travel and thus private staff are busy in the run up to the festive season planning flights, …

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If Santa Had A Butler

The principal has just been served his breakfast and attention now turns to the first main task of the day. Grabbing a large bag of feed in the stable many buckets are filled and likewise with the water buckets which are then distributed to the animals. Moving to the animals’ …

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Holidays At Sea

In the blink of an eye, Christmas cheer is upon us as yachts big and small are migrating toward the Caribbean turquoise waters, mimicking the flocks of geese headed south for the winter season. Spending the holidays in the Caribbean is a welcome dream to those of us who have …

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