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The Honourable House Manager: An Interview

I recall when I first spoke with “Sam.” [I am using a pseudonym for the purposes of discretion and maintaining the privacy of the individuals involved in “Sam’s” story] At the time, over 12 years ago, I was working for my previous employer and interviewing House Managers for an important …

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The Golden Rules of Cleaning a Luxury Home

When cleaning anything; your main goal is to oust dirt. But you would need to determine just how far you are willing to go. The last thing you want is to ruin the very thing you are trying to clean. Besides, you also want to complete it as swiftly and …

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18th Century Stain Removers

One of the most frequent disasters which all of the households have to deal with is stains… The following method applied in the 18th century is an example to show how advanced and  better understanding people were as to different fabrics and stains that needed different treatments. Far from using one …

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Protecting Carpet During Renovations

Recently a DEMA member oversaw a renovation project on a second floor of the estate and it needed to be completed during the summer months between June & August. The home recently had new carpeting installed on two sets of stairs and a large hallway. Of course, it wasn’t just …

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Carpet Reference Guide

Items to consider for carpet materials: 1- Carpet comes in mainly two types of materials, synthetic and natural. a) synthetic fibers (usually 100% polyester) b) natural fibers (our example is cotton, many carpets are made from wool) c) blended materials (over the years blends of synthetics and wools have become …

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