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Security Awareness for Household Personnel

How many times throughout history has an entire army successfully protected their ruler from repeated assassinations, attacks from foreign armies and attempted coups, only to allow their leader to be killed by a close and trusted aide? When a decision is made to provide security for a principal, (regardless of …

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Being a Royalty Protection Officer

The selection process to become a Royalty Protection Officer at SO14(2) is one of the most difficult within the whole of the Metropolitan Police Service, it involves a comprehensive practical assessment and a gruelling interview, where you are required to prove that you have already obtained the valuable and vast …

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The Importance of Situational Awareness

“Self defence” a term we all know too well in today’s climate, there are dozens of different “styles”, classes and courses one can take to give you confidence and the ability to defend yourself from attack, or do they? Whilst I have no martial arts or modern fighting technique qualifications …

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Security on the Slopes

Appeal of skiing As the festive winter season approaches, it seems fitting to discuss a holiday many of us embark on at this time of the year. The ski season is well underway and through until Easter, many of us will travel to Europe, the USA and Canada to make …

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Selecting an Armored Vehicle. The Basics.

This is the continuation of a series of Executive Protection articles I started, not only to educate entry level protection agents, but also to give potential clients in need of personal security, an understanding of the protection process. I have had the experience to be employed by a client for …

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DEMA – A London Chapter

meeting for estate managers in london

DEMA (Domestic Estate Management Association) made its long awaited debut in London on the eve of the 23rd of June. Estate & Manor Magazine were lucky enough to attend the first in many London gatherings. The venue for the event was a quaint little café/bar tucked away down a narrow …

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Dress for Success EP101

I would like to continue to make my articles straightforward, simple to understand for the layman just getting into the industry. I also hope this sparks an interest for us, who have been in the field for years, to return to the basics that we tend to forget. I have …

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