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Tips for an Effective Letter of Recommendation

In private service, people live and die by their references. More than any other industry, future employers rely on those recommendations to decide if a person should be trusted with their homes, their children, their possessions, and even their pets. However, many people don’t know how to write a good …

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Protecting Carpet During Renovations

Recently a DEMA member oversaw a renovation project on a second floor of the estate and it needed to be completed during the summer months between June & August. The home recently had new carpeting installed on two sets of stairs and a large hallway. Of course, it wasn’t just …

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Five Things Every Luxury Estate Needs

You’ve learned to pull the shades at night and double-check the locks, but when is that not enough? The Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA), a worldwide educational association for the Private Service Community, urges estate owners and private service professionals to reevaluate their current safety measures; often there are weaknesses …

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What would a Great Leader Do?

Do you find yourself challenged in the management of your staff or in finding ways to develop them professionally and personally? Often times, as managers, it is forgotten that the people who make us successful have dreams and goals that they are pursuing alongside their daily jobs. They have lives …

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Hiring and Managing The Housekeeping Staff

how to manage your domestic housekeepers

As a Household/Estate Manager, one of the important roles you will undergo is hiring and managing housekeeping staff. Here is how to begin the process. Assessment – Consider the size/style of home, number of people & pets residing, standards, guest and entertaining lifestyle. Typically, there is one housekeeper assigned for every …

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