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Butler Etiquette

Etiquette is a Butler’s mantra in all tasks and decisions. Etiquette is not necessarily anything snobbish or for a few chosen only, it is for all and everybody. Upbringing, civility and schooling, all bring basics to our behaviour, approach and indictment. Etiquette is a path on the way, nor difficult …

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Eating Etiquette for Formal Occasions

The purpose of a formal meal is to socialise, satisfying your hunger might or might not happen along the way. Eat quietly taking small bites at a time whilst eating with your mouth closed. Don’t blow on hot food to cool it . Wait until it cools down if you …

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Opera Etiquette

Be sure to applaud only when the conductor takes to the podium, after the overture, at the end of an act, after an impressive aria and at the final bows. Avoid anything else other than clapping. Remain quiet from the time the orchestra starts – no eating, talking, or using …

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