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The Need for Safety Training in Private Aviation

In the last article I delved into the need for food safety training, following on from that, I wanted to give serious thought to the issue of proper safety and emergency procedures training. As you may well be aware commercial flight attendants go through rigorous safety training it can take …

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The In-Flight Dining Experience

As the private aviation industry has grown over the years, so has the standard of in-flight service and cuisine served on board. As one can imagine the standard required to meet the demands of the clientele is exceptionally high. Passengers can pay thousands of pounds per hour to charter an …

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The Corporate Flight Attendant View

Private aviation is a world of flexibility and absolute luxury; the tastes of the most discerning clientele have to be catered for on a daily basis, no detail is left unturned. Working on a private aircraft is not dissimilar to managing an exclusive restaurant or residence, however the caveat here …

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