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Persian Food

Previously when friends, colleagues and acquaintances explained their assumptions about Persian food they always thought this regional cuisine was similar to Indian, Turkish, Arabic and other neighbouring countries.  Everyone is always surprised and intrigued when they sample authentic Persian food due to its unique taste and flavours.  I have always …

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The Importance Of Portion Control

In my years as a private chef I have noticed that clients that have cooking services offered at home tend to have every meal coursed, which can add up to a substantial amount of food if not portioned correctly. Due to the fact that eating in abundance can increase weight gain, …

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Nanny’s Guide to Encouraging Healthy Eating

how to encourage your child to eat healthily

Encouraging healthy eating is an important part of a nanny’s job; and often one of the most challenging ones. There are different ways of encouraging healthy eating.   Partnership Working The main downfall of healthy eating could be the failed partnership with the parents. I understand that it is frustrating, …

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Organic Food

Nowadays it feels like everywhere we turn the label organic food is being used. When you’re shopping for produce, or out to dinner, reading a food label, even when you’re shopping for your pets. It has become a key word used to capture the consumer’s eye knowing that this idea …

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Our Connection with Food

I’ve learned something unique about food. After all of these years cooking for my family, clients and myself I have realized a simple fact that food connects us all. It is a universal language much like smiling is. Most people understand that food is a sign of love, nurturing and …

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The Art of Cooking for Kids

In many households dinnertime is ideally a relaxing occasion for the family. This is a time when they can come together to discuss their day over a good meal with your loved ones being the best of company. In some households though, dinner with young children around the table can …

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