Wednesday , October 4 2023

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Simple Fall Checklist for Private and Domestic Staff

As we enter the Fall season, it is a good time to take stock of your personal, private, domestic and business staff members. Key questions and reviews include: Grading their performance by most important responsibilities Conducting a performance review How and where do they spend their time? What would I …

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A Revolutionary Tool Specifically For Residences and Yachts.

Estate & Manor Magazine had the chance to sit down with Margarita Amam, the brainchild behind (IMS) Interior Management Systems Crystal. Her app is designed specifically for hospitality professionals working inside private residences and on-board luxury yachts. Margarita started her career from a young age, working her way up the …

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What’s Your Average?

Last time we talked about Trust. It is my hope that the most valuable of your relationships are built on trust. It is said that we are the average of the 5 people we spend the most time with. As you look into the associations that you most closely maintain, …

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An Arabic Family Survival Guide.

My time working with a Saudi family in Dubai was a fantastic period of my life. It was a time framed by Oud, flowing incense, Koranic verse and flowing thobes set against abaya; chess pieces in the family dynamic. I received amazing hospitality great pay and an enviable career enhancing …

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A Butler Quality or a Quality Butler

London has the highest number of super-rich individuals per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. In the United States, the Income of the top 1% accounts for 20% of the national income. Countries like India, China and Canada are recruiting more Butlers than ever before. Here are some qualities …

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