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Recruiting and COVID-19: A Roadmap for Uncertain Times

The challenges facing the recruiting industry during the COVID-19 pandemic are complicated (an understatement). Accordingly, we have divided the subject into two companion pieces (you can read the first part here). This article focuses on domestic staff recruiting post-COVID-19, which will not approximate anything like turning a light switch from …

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Choosing The Right Property For Your Luxury Vacation

Choosing the right luxury accommodation for a holiday can be bewildering. To simplify and efficiently smooth your choices there are a few decisions you can make before you start your search. Start by knowing what you want and what your needs for this particular holiday are. Although the accommodations are …

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The Art of Villa Rental Entrepreneurship

private villa rental now becoming more common amongst families looking to go on vacation

___Holiday rental properties serve as the perfect answer for vacationers looking for privacy and exclusivity in the lap of luxury. The best private villas and chalets come fully staffed, with concierge services available to carry out the guest’s every desire. “This kind of experience is completely different because you are …

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Behind the scenes of an exclusive HNW matchmaking business

How do you go from a humble Psychotherapist, to an internationally colossal businesswoman you ask? A woman who successfully built and runs one of the businesses we wish to talk about today, donating over £500,000 in various charitable projects…Meet Susie Ambrose. Ingeniously spotting a gap in the personal introductions market …

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