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Girls on Deck

Girls on Deck: Connecting Female Exterior and Engineering Superyacht Crew Leading the way towards gender equality within the Superyacht industry ANTIBES, June 06, 2016 Leading superyacht crew coach, Alison Rentoul, announced today that she has teamed up with Bosun Sophie Jordan to create Girls on Deck, which is an initiative …

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Speed Versus Endurance

As with everything, if an extreme is required in one area than a compromise has to made somewhere else. If speed is the key requirement does a compromise have to made on endurance? For some years I have been working on a design concept called “Endurance” and, no surprise, it …

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Fewer Staff = Fewer Problems?

Any super yacht will always require a yacht crew to operate and maintain her. For some time there has been a drive to reduce the number of crew on board – “Fewer crew, fewer problems?”. Technically, many systems can be automated. However, service on board and in the villas of …

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Reclaiming the Galley Without Boiling Over

Question: Ben, Chef 33: “My galley seems to have become the new favourite space for everyone to hang out and chat. If it’s not the stews gossiping in the pantry, it’s the deckies or Captain coming in for a chat and asking what’s for dinner. Sometimes crew start congregating about …

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Crew Phones: Give Them the Float Test?

Question: Geoff, Captain: “Every time I see my crew these days they seem to be on their blooming mobile phones. No-one talks to each other in the crew mess anymore and I’m sure their work is suffering because they’re obsessed with checking their phones every two seconds! They’re using up …

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Polish, that’s what the deck crew do, right?

It would first appear that professional yacht crew spend all of their time making every part of the boat shiny. It is a long standing joke amongst deckhands that the horn is louder proportionate to how highly polished it is. In reality, sound maintenance, and the captain’s management of it, …

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