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Time to run the race

As a nanny, you will be faced at times with ‘difficult’ children who will initially appear to be impossible to deal with.  It’s a frightening position to be in and I remember it well.  One of the most clear memories I have is of a seven year old boy named …

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The Manny AKA Mr. Nanny!

When talking about a perfect childcare specialist, most people automatically think of a Mary Poppins, who is extremely professional, educated, well—mannered, experienced, creative and fun. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that! However, not that many people can imagine an extremely professional, educated, well-mannered, experienced, creative and fun Nanny…who …

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Nanny’s Guide to Risk Taking

Did you ever have one of those moments, when your heart stopped because the child you look after gets hurt? I’m sure this has happened at least once. It is like watching a film playing and you cannot press the pause button. I looked after two children at the time, …

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Imagine yourself drifting off ……… let the muscles in your neck and shoulders relax and your breathing become slow and steady while I tell you why being a nanny is possibly one of only a few jobs that can help you stay younger than your years. While caring for children …

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So long nanny, we’ll miss you!

Most jobs have a use by date and in this day and age, nannying is one of them. Even today’s royalty don’t continue with the tradition of employing a nanny or governess who cares for the children from the time they are born until they are old enough to drive …

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So Who Is Really In Charge?

You’ve got yourself ready and it’s time to go – no turning back now! I was successful in obtaining the position of a nanny to a family of seven – yes, that’s right, five children with two very, very busy parents who were often out of the country. There had …

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