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Importance of Education for Nannies

As nannies, we are expected to have years of experience, to be able to plan for child’s development and meet all their needs, keep children safe, keep the house neat, ensure Health and Safety and be able to juggle calendar, organise and supervise children’s and family parties as well. It …

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are always to be desired by some people but little do they realize, at the end of the day we are all very much the same. I have opened up here and decided to give you an inside glance at what can happen …

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Luxury Holiday Service

When employers look for talent and longevity in new private staff members, beyond the usual curriculum vitae, what they really want are two important qualities: the ability to understand and follow directions total control of the area of responsibility These factors are especially vital when servicing luxury travel holiday visitors. …

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How to Deal with Celebrity Parents

For many years now, I have spent my time as a nanny moving from one gracious mansion to another, getting to know the families who I work for and doing my best, not just for the children, but for everyone who lives in these enormous homes.  It may sound a …

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Being the Best Employer to your Nanny

how to get the very best out of your nanny for your children

Should we look for affordable alternatives and view childcare as a luxury? Take a nanny for example – First and foremost, the nanny will ensure that your child is safe, secure and happy. Your child is the most precious individual in your life. Should you underpay the one employee, who …

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