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6 Steps to Find Your Voice and Speak Up!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker (The Color Purple) There’s good news and bad news in the workplace of 2016. The good news is that there has never been a better time to be a personal assistant than …

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What does it take to work for a Celebrity?

what skills and qualities would you need to work for a superstar celebrity?

Many professionals within the private service and childcare industry see working for a celebrity as the pinnacle of ones career. Imagine working for megastars such as David Beckham, Justin Bieber (maybe not..) or Beyonce? I think many would at least enjoy the challenge of working for extremely high-profile, dummy spitting …

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How your PA will raise your EQ

Countless research keeps telling us that the secret to success lies in our EQ: our ability of being and acting Emotionally Intelligent. There are guidelines and coaching sessions available. The thing is, if you aspire to be truly successful there is no way you could use your EQ to its …

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7 ways to say THANK YOU

We all flourish when we feel acknowledged and appreciated. But the expression of such can have many forms. Some see financial gratifications as the main source of acknowledgement. Some need gifts and compliments. Some praise for even the smallest of things. The simple THANK YOU is the easiest and most …

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Get the maximum out of your PA support

Why a PA is the key to your personal and business success

There is a great deal of incredible Personal Assistants to choose from. Settle with one that promises to be a good match for your tasks and needs and you are off to the races… While dropping everything off on the to-do list of your PA sounds easy and simple enough, …

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What a private PA can really do for you

How a personal assistant can be of extreme value to you and your business

Did you know that the Personal Assistant has over 150 variations of titles?! No wonder nobody really knows exactly what a PA does, how it differs to an Executive Assistant and what the main characteristics are of such a person. The more people you ask – the more confused you …

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