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7 ways to say THANK YOU

We all flourish when we feel acknowledged and appreciated. But the expression of such can have many forms. Some see financial gratifications as the main source of acknowledgement. Some need gifts and compliments. Some praise for even the smallest of things. The simple THANK YOU is the easiest and most …

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The value of joining a professional association

As a career coach, one of the things I am frequently asked is if joining a professional association worth the cost. To which I reply a resounding “yes!” There are a number of benefits for just about any association: Showing professionalism on your resume, LinkedIn and other marketing materials Of …

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5 Ways To Make Your Principal Feel Like a Celebrity

Have you ever wondered how the assistants to celebrities keep their über-famous principals happy, calm, and on time considering that the word “no” is rarely in their vocabulary? If the answer is “yes,” allow me to pull back the curtain on a few trade secrets that will make your principal …

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