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How Principals Measure Returns on Household Staff

Studying The Life Of John D. Rockefeller On July 9, 1890, with an initial pledge of $600,000 John D. Rockefeller, along with contributions from the American Baptist Education Society and land from Marshall Field, helped to found the University of Chicago. Based on inflation, $600,000 in 1890 is equivalent in …

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How To Become A Household Manager

I am often asked by individuals with varying professional and educational backgrounds for suggestions on ways to “break in to” the Private Service field. Specifically, I am most frequently asked for ideas on how one might become a Household Manager. The route to becoming a household manager It is a …

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Making (and Keeping) It Personal

practicing better workplace etiquette

Our 24/7 instant-access virtual world has taken the “person” out of “personal,” even in private service. Until we all turn into robots with hard drives that we plug into a power station, I suggest we take a breath and slow down long enough to remember that we are all living, …

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