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5 Private Jet Predictions for 2019

It’s never too early to look ahead. With the end of third quarter of the year looming, private jet providers can envision what’s coming their way by reading this year’s trends and market shifts. But as in every industry, there’s always room for uncertainties and surprises. Monarch Air Group, private …

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10 Benefits of Flying by Private Jet

Efficiency, privacy and flexibility. These are just some of the reasons why flying private jet has become so popular over recent years. While many commercial airliners do offer great business or first class service, there is the domestic seating and numerous time wasters that leave more to be desired. Whether …

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What’s the Right Private Jet for Your Flight?

Choosing the appropriate private aircraft is an important decision. From light jets to heavy jets, from comfort and luxury to speed and convenience; there is a wide array of options when it comes to selecting the private jet that fits your needs. Just relax and make sure that your operator …

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What Safety Training Do Cabin Crew Undergo?

In my last article I discussed the importance of safety training for anybody tasked with working onboard a private aircraft. I am often asked what training do Cabin Crew actually go through? Cabin Crew working in commercial operations in Europe have to complete an Attestation of Cabin Crew, this is …

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The Fabulous life of Pets on Jets

They say dog is a mans best friend, however when it comes to the beloved dogs and pets of some of the clientele that frequent the use of corporate jets you can be assured their furry friends are literally living the high life. Over the years I have flown an …

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The Corporate Flight Attendant View

Private aviation is a world of flexibility and absolute luxury; the tastes of the most discerning clientele have to be catered for on a daily basis, no detail is left unturned. Working on a private aircraft is not dissimilar to managing an exclusive restaurant or residence, however the caveat here …

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