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6 Steps to Find Your Voice and Speak Up!

“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.” Alice Walker (The Color Purple) There’s good news and bad news in the workplace of 2016. The good news is that there has never been a better time to be a personal assistant than …

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What does it take to work for a Celebrity?

what skills and qualities would you need to work for a superstar celebrity?

Many professionals within the private service and childcare industry see working for a celebrity as the pinnacle of ones career. Imagine working for megastars such as David Beckham, Justin Bieber (maybe not..) or Beyonce? I think many would at least enjoy the challenge of working for extremely high-profile, dummy spitting …

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Making (and Keeping) It Personal

practicing better workplace etiquette

Our 24/7 instant-access virtual world has taken the “person” out of “personal,” even in private service. Until we all turn into robots with hard drives that we plug into a power station, I suggest we take a breath and slow down long enough to remember that we are all living, …

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Trust, How Fast is Yours?

Last month we explored personal development, we looked at ways that you, the leader can further improve both yourself and your staff. Essentially, it comes down to being Physically, Mentally and Spiritually Fit and we identified ways of building upon each of those areas. It is my hope that you …

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Five Things Every Luxury Estate Needs

You’ve learned to pull the shades at night and double-check the locks, but when is that not enough? The Domestic Estate Management Association (DEMA), a worldwide educational association for the Private Service Community, urges estate owners and private service professionals to reevaluate their current safety measures; often there are weaknesses …

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A Butler Quality or a Quality Butler

London has the highest number of super-rich individuals per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. In the United States, the Income of the top 1% accounts for 20% of the national income. Countries like India, China and Canada are recruiting more Butlers than ever before. Here are some qualities …

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What the Butler Does

The butler has long held a fascination for the world. Imperturbable, dependable and honest are just some of the sobriquets accorded to this almost mythical figure. He, for that was the case, was originally the key holder of the cellar, and bouteiller from French, was his original title. Over the …

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