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Domestic Staffing Recruiting During a Pandemic

Like many of us, I have been doing a lot of reading, listening to podcasts and television binge-watching in order to occupy myself through the tedium of isolation and to escape the steady onslaught of unfathomable news. All that escapism might provide some needed mental health salve, but there is …

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The Importance of Your Chef Portfolio

Most chefs have experienced waking up in the middle of the night and scribbling down a new idea for a dish. The ideas consume their thoughts until the final dish is completed. Numerous hours are spent working on signature dishes and new creations. Constantly tweaking, taking extra ordinary care over …

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Improve your Personal Impact and Nail that Job Interview

tips for improving your job interview chances

During my 14 year career as a recruitment consultant I have interviewed nearly 10,000 candidates in the corporate communications profession. Some of the most impressive and impactful candidates I’ve met didn’t initially look that good on paper. But face to face, they have an impact, they have that special secret …

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