Wednesday , October 4 2023

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How Smart Home Technology Serves UHNW Lifestyles

At its core, smart home technology serves two distinct functions. The first is for the purposes of having a centralized platform easily accessing entertainment functions that serve to create comfort and ambience. The second is for the purposes of utility and situational awareness. Since 1997, I have specialized in building …

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Security Awareness for Household Personnel

How many times throughout history has an entire army successfully protected their ruler from repeated assassinations, attacks from foreign armies and attempted coups, only to allow their leader to be killed by a close and trusted aide? When a decision is made to provide security for a principal, (regardless of …

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Securing Your World

It’s fair to say that nobody would go out of their house and leave their windows and doors open, or hand over their PIN number and their bank account details to a complete stranger. Yet while many of us know the obvious and more fundamental ways of keeping themselves and …

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Selecting an Armored Vehicle. The Basics.

This is the continuation of a series of Executive Protection articles I started, not only to educate entry level protection agents, but also to give potential clients in need of personal security, an understanding of the protection process. I have had the experience to be employed by a client for …

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Last Action Heroine: Megan Zavodny

Hostile environments, Afghani children, abandoned Russian bunkers, missiles, guns and American army bases… Sounds a bit like one of those Hollywood action films, doesn’t it? Young and adventurous Megan Zavodny, the real Tomb Raider in flesh and blood, has agreed to talk to Estate and Manor Magazine about her professional …

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