Saturday , August 13 2022

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What is Real Confidence?

I probably come across as quite a confident person. Some might say I’m borderline arrogant at times. But that hides the truth: that I lack confidence, but can put on a good show. There have been times when I’ve suffered such a loss of confidence, I’ve cried myself to sleep …

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Attention: Concentration

Ah well, this is going to be one of my usual articles based on personal experience and years of hard work (oh yes, I used to work hard once, now I don’t work at all as I love my job!). However, hard work or life full of enjoyment in a …

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It is amazing how many of us keep buying and reading all the motivational books, sharing quotes on our social media, thinking that we are learning and doing our best to succeed. But is that so? How many of us actually follow the advice given by all those top coaches …

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