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Being a Butler: Then & Now

Imagine the Butler as you often see portrayed on Television or in the movies.  The scenery from the 1800’s or the early 1900 decades, being a Butler was always very serious – Dressed in a waistcoat with grey striped trousers and a bow-tie – Usually one from the older generation …

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How Smart Home Technology Serves UHNW Lifestyles

At its core, smart home technology serves two distinct functions. The first is for the purposes of having a centralized platform easily accessing entertainment functions that serve to create comfort and ambience. The second is for the purposes of utility and situational awareness. Since 1997, I have specialized in building …

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Three Common Benefits of Smart Home Technology

According to a survey conducted by Business Insider in February 2017, 30% of GenX in the United States own an Amazon Echo, 17% own smart light bulbs & Internet connected thermostats, 13% have Internet connected security systems, 12% have Smart Appliances, and 5% are using Google Home. What this survey …

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