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Being a Butler: Then & Now

Imagine the Butler as you often see portrayed on Television or in the movies.  The scenery from the 1800’s or the early 1900 decades, being a Butler was always very serious – Dressed in a waistcoat with grey striped trousers and a bow-tie – Usually one from the older generation …

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Three Common Benefits of Smart Home Technology

According to a survey conducted by Business Insider in February 2017, 30% of GenX in the United States own an Amazon Echo, 17% own smart light bulbs & Internet connected thermostats, 13% have Internet connected security systems, 12% have Smart Appliances, and 5% are using Google Home. What this survey …

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Through the Eyes of a Child

Imagine yourself drifting off ……… let the muscles in your neck and shoulders relax and your breathing become slow and steady while I tell you why being a nanny is possibly one of only a few jobs that can help you stay younger than your years. While caring for children …

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Holidays At Sea

In the blink of an eye, Christmas cheer is upon us as yachts big and small are migrating toward the Caribbean turquoise waters, mimicking the flocks of geese headed south for the winter season. Spending the holidays in the Caribbean is a welcome dream to those of us who have …

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Technology & Children, Good, Bad or Ugly‏

Technology is the most important concept of our time. Children are being encouraged, from as young as primary school age, to learn how to write apps software and codes for computers. According to, tablet is the most common form of technology device children play games on, placing it at …

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