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Recruiting and COVID-19: A Roadmap for Uncertain Times

The challenges facing the recruiting industry during the COVID-19 pandemic are complicated (an understatement). Accordingly, we have divided the subject into two companion pieces (you can read the first part here). This article focuses on domestic staff recruiting post-COVID-19, which will not approximate anything like turning a light switch from …

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How to: Butlers and Wine

​​​​​The wonderful world of wine, there are thousands of grape varieties, producers, connoisseurs, areas and bottles, and then, you have The Butler. The word Butler springs out of the French «Bottelier», the person or officer guarding the royal bottles.  Royal or not, being a professional Butler requires a certain knowledge …

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A Day In The Life Of An Estate Manager

A second generation estate manager Before sharing a day in my life of Principal service, I need to preface several items. I am a second generation estate manager carrying 50 years of wisdom from my Grandfather, and 25 years of my own experiences in Principal service. I operate in a …

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How Principals Measure Returns on Household Staff

Studying The Life Of John D. Rockefeller On July 9, 1890, with an initial pledge of $600,000 John D. Rockefeller, along with contributions from the American Baptist Education Society and land from Marshall Field, helped to found the University of Chicago. Based on inflation, $600,000 in 1890 is equivalent in …

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Job Applications: Taking The Perfect Headshot

You are just about to start applying for all those high paying jobs and visualising the phone constantly ringing with interview invitations…but then you ask yourself “is my application up to scratch?”. Presentation is of the utmost importance in the world of HNW employment and before submitting your application you …

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