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The Modern Day Housekeeper

If you look on our private staffing jobs board you will see many private employers seeking live in or live out housekeepers. Most of these clients will have far better than average homes with a lifestyle with more ‘storys’ than their modest 4 floored Chelsea home. The problem with having …

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The International Appeal of British Independent Schools

I was recently with some wealthy Russians when the conversation turned to schooling, they proudly described their children’s schools, the good facilities and the English tuition offered. The Russian educational system is slowly modernising but for a westerner it is still obviously megalithic with outdated books and a serious lack …

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Employing a Chauffeur or Outsourcing the Role?

We receive a fair few inquiries from wealthy individuals and families who are looking at the possibility of using an external supplier rather than directly employing a chauffeur. This could be for a number of reasons: cost, flexibility and the difficulty in finding a suitable candidate for a permanent role. …

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Understanding your Russian Principal

Understanding your Russian Principal. Coming from the west your first experience of working within a Russian household or for a Russian principal can be extremely confusing. It has been said to feel like a cold bucket of water has been thrown over you when you suddenly realise the cultural gulf …

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An Arabic Family Survival Guide.

My time working with a Saudi family in Dubai was a fantastic period of my life. It was a time framed by Oud, flowing incense, Koranic verse and flowing thobes set against abaya; chess pieces in the family dynamic. I received amazing hospitality great pay and an enviable career enhancing …

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Pursuing The Household Management Dream

how do you become a household manager?

Across all industries in the global workplace you can easily find ‘fast track courses’ which are readily available for those wishing to change their career path and make a better life for themselves. Some of these courses will ‘guarantee’ instant success in terms of finding a suitable position – which …

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All That Glitters Is Not Gold

The lifestyles of the Rich and Famous are always to be desired by some people but little do they realize, at the end of the day we are all very much the same. I have opened up here and decided to give you an inside glance at what can happen …

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A Butler Quality or a Quality Butler

London has the highest number of super-rich individuals per square mile than anywhere else on Earth. In the United States, the Income of the top 1% accounts for 20% of the national income. Countries like India, China and Canada are recruiting more Butlers than ever before. Here are some qualities …

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