Top 5 ‘Private Staff’ in Game of Thrones

With season seven of Game of Thrones due to air on our screens less than a week away, I thought it would be fun to discuss something other than season seven predictions or the heroes, heroines such as Jon Snow, Daenerys Targaryen and Queen Cersei Lannister – instead I wanted to talk about some of the ‘Private Servant (Service) Professionals’ of Westeros. With so much focus on the fast-paced storyline, so much goes under the radar, but I wanted to add my comparisons of characters with professions in the private service industry! If you’re an avid watcher of Game of Thrones and also work in the private staffing industry, you might appreciate this.

Let’s get started in no particular order:

Septa Mordane: Governess/Tutor

Before events in Westeros took a turn for the worst, Septa Mordane was tasked with helping develop both Sansa and Arya Stark to be respectable noblewomen in Winterfell through needlework, embroidery, singing, morals, and other ‘ladylike duties’.. Out of both of the Stark girls, Mordane had a pleasant and successful time working with and developing Sansa’s lady skills – she found her to be a delightful and courteous student. Arya on the other hand was a bit of a nightmare at the best of times due to her tomboyish, rebellious nature – she preferred to swing a sword rather than embroider. Sansa too became difficult and Mordane’s influence waned as Sansa took a liking to the ever-so-charming Joffrey B. Mordane’s fate was decided when she was gruesomely beheaded at the red keep in King’s Landing and her contract was terminated with immediate effect.

Septa Mordane: A lady’s armor is courtesy


Sandor Clegane: Bodyguard

Otherwise referred to as ‘The Hound’, Sandor Clegane is a sworn knight of the kings guard and in the earlier times before the siege on King’s Landing by Stannis Baratheon, The Hound would be found at the side of Joffrey, and protecting him from any potential dangers…unfortunately, one of the victims who got ‘too close’ to Joffrey happened to be a butcher’s boy holding a wooden stick. Later on, Sandor Clegane abandoned Joffrey and King’s Landing then found himself playing a similar, but not as familiar role with Arya Stark as he tried to get her back to her brother and mother at the Twins before the infamous red wedding. The Hound is still going strong despite a series of setbacks and looks to have secured employment for season 7 with The Brotherhood Without Banners and the Night’s Watch utilising his experience and skills to help with a ‘contract’ beyond the wall.


Podrick Payne: Butler/Valet

This self-effacing and humble individual fell into the service of the Lannisters and in particular became attached to a certain dwarf named Tyrion. Podrick’s private service ability goes much further than merely fetching and pouring wine. He knew all of his principal’s dealings and was able to refrain from spilling any secrets during a time where he would of been greatly rewarded with promotion by Cersei, he also knew the banners of all the other houses. Podrick was loyal to a fault and this was proved when he risked his life to save Tyrion during the battle of the black water! Podrick then found himself serving a new employer in Brienne of Tarth, where he would tend to her horses, clean her armor and also hunt and prepare the evening’s meal. Podrick is certainly in possession of very positive references.


HotPie: Chef

HotPie is an orphan was an apprentice pastry chef in King’s Landing. With the death of Ned Stark, the city was in panic mode as war was brewing. Along with other children and teenagers, HotPie was recruited to head toward the wall to join the Night’s Watch. After the convoy to the wall is ambushed by Lannister soldiers looking for Robert Baratheon’s true son…HotPie, Gendry and Arya manage to escape. Arya and HotPie end up staying at an inn where HotPie seems to find his comfort zone around food and service; constantly talking about food! When he bids farewell to Arya he bakes her some special bread in the shape of a wolf. Later on when the aforementioned Brienne of Tarth and Podrick Payne stay at the inn, HotPie serves them a special steak and kidney pie which he made before handing them another wolf shaped bread which is ‘better than the last one’ before telling them where Arya had gone.

HotPie “You need sour cherries to make it right, and the secret is you dry the stones, and then you break them with a mallet. That’s where the real flavor is. You crush ’em up real fine and then, when you’re finished, sprinkle them over the pie crust…”


Theon Greyjoy AKA Reek: Housekeeper/Assistant

Here is is a simple case of the brainwashed Theon Greyjoy’s ambition getting the better of him, hence ending up in the personal service of the delightful Ramsay Bolton. In the short amount of time that Reek’s principal was not being abhorrently cruel towards him, he would order him to run his baths, clean his dirty clothes, make his beds, serve his food, pour his wine and of course make him report on everything Sansa did or said when she was being held captive at Winterfell. He would almost certainly not be the type of domestic servant you would want your guests to come into contact with due to his ghastly appearance and imprisoned standards of hygiene created by his psychotic master.


I hoped you liked my choices for the 5 PSPs of Game of Thrones…if you think i’ve missed anyone out, just leave a comment. Unfortunately, we currently have no career opportunities in private service with Kings, Queens or Dragons!

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