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So long nanny, we’ll miss you!

Most jobs have a use by date and in this day and age, nannying is one of them. Even today’s royalty don’t continue with the tradition of employing a nanny or governess who cares for the children from the time they are born until they are old enough to drive …

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Nanny’s Guide to Negotiating Contracts

You’ve gone through the process of applying, interviewing and successful trial. The offer of the “dream” nanny job has just landed on your table, congratulations! Unfortunately, sometimes dreams turn into nightmares. To prevent disrupted sleep and stress, you need to make sure that you have a good contract. Recently, someone …

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Importance of Education for Nannies

As nannies, we are expected to have years of experience, to be able to plan for child’s development and meet all their needs, keep children safe, keep the house neat, ensure Health and Safety and be able to juggle calendar, organise and supervise children’s and family parties as well. It …

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