Importance of Education for Nannies

As nannies, we are expected to have years of experience, to be able to plan for child’s development and meet all their needs, keep children safe, keep the house neat, ensure Health and Safety and be able to juggle calendar, organise and supervise children’s and family parties as well. It is a hefty list. And it is nowhere near complete. So why bother with education on top of performing our job and much more with precision?

Before we even get to the personal benefits, we must first consider the changing market place. In the last few years expectations have risen, unfortunately not in the same rate as nanny wages. It can be tough to find a perfect position. To get to the interview, a nanny has to have a top C.V. Once you actually meet the parents/ P.A. for the interview, then you can wave your magic wand and be your fabulous self, which is what ultimately “sells” you and gets you hired. No amount of qualifications will help you if you are not being genuine. The problem is getting to the interview; your C.V. competes with the C.V.s of other ten nannies who are already qualified.

To get to the interview for a position you want, your C.V. should include an Education section. I am a passionate promoter of nannies’ rights and their professional recognition, I strongly believe that being fully qualified in Early Years Education is what will help you in being a well-rounded professional, it will set you apart.

Apart from distinguishing yourself with relevant qualifications, learning will give you increased self-esteem and confidence in your own abilities, your professional language will improve and you will be in a better position to negotiate children’s care and better equipped to discuss increase of your wages or other issues by voicing your opinion. Most of the well-paid nannies I know are qualified and constantly learning and improving their existing knowledge and skills. They take pride in their practice and they are not afraid to call themselves a professional nanny.

Another benefit of a well-educated nanny is the care they provide for the children in their care. I have no doubt that even if the nanny is not qualified she can provide great care for the children. However, the qualifications help the nanny to learn the theory behind the practice and gives meaning to everyday tasks. It also helps to make a transition to other childcare settings, like Nurseries, Primary schools or setting up her own Childminding business.

As we know, the parents know the child best, but the nanny is paid to pay attention to every detail of the child’s life, his/her wishes, needs and gets to know the child very well. Nannies can make a huge impact on the children’s lives by educating themselves on how to educate the children; instilling good values, respect for others and manners, together with the parents.

Nelson Mandela once said,

“Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world.”

In this quote I truly believe.

About Martina Vanickova

Martina Vanickova is the founder and CEO of The Training Umbrella, private assessment centre, delivering accredited childcare courses to nannies, nursery staff, child minders and teaching assistants in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and looking to expand to China. "As small children, adult learners are each unique and special individual and it is my and the company’s ethos to treat each person as such. I believe that this is one of the contributing factors to our 100% success completion rate since we opened in 2012. There are many training providers, who see profit before the well-being of their learners. How can we raise standard in the industry, if we view learners as “money bags” and qualify individuals who should, frankly, never be employed to look after our children? If you are looking for a reason to see why I do what I do, this is it." Martina Martina is ardent defender of nanny rights and she is currently looking to explore this area professionally. Martina is a passionate promoter of gender equality, who believes in supporting other women to achieve their full potential in business and personal life, while harmoniously sharing their lives, with their partners, whatever the gender.

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