Martina Vanickova

Martina Vanickova is the founder and CEO of The Training Umbrella, private assessment centre, delivering accredited childcare courses to nannies, nursery staff, child minders and teaching assistants in London, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and looking to expand to China. "As small children, adult learners are each unique and special individual and it is my and the company’s ethos to treat each person as such. I believe that this is one of the contributing factors to our 100% success completion rate since we opened in 2012. There are many training providers, who see profit before the well-being of their learners. How can we raise standard in the industry, if we view learners as “money bags” and qualify individuals who should, frankly, never be employed to look after our children? If you are looking for a reason to see why I do what I do, this is it." Martina Martina is ardent defender of nanny rights and she is currently looking to explore this area professionally. Martina is a passionate promoter of gender equality, who believes in supporting other women to achieve their full potential in business and personal life, while harmoniously sharing their lives, with their partners, whatever the gender.

Nanny’s Guide to Surviving a Family Holiday

As the summer draws closer, many professional nannies will prepare to travel with their employers on holiday, sometimes for long periods of time. If you haven’t worked as a holiday nanny before, it can be an exciting experience. The promise of exotic and distant lands is tempting, for sure, but …

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Nanny’s Guide: How to Deal with Swearing

Working as a nanny, it is unlikely that you haven’t had to deal with swearing from the children at some point. Especially as they get older. Every behaviour can be managed, even swearing. As always, your partnership with the parents is crucial in dealing with the situation. It is up to you to set …

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Nanny’s Guide to Risk Taking

Did you ever have one of those moments, when your heart stopped because the child you look after gets hurt? I’m sure this has happened at least once. It is like watching a film playing and you cannot press the pause button. I looked after two children at the time, …

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Nanny’s Guide to Encouraging Healthy Eating

how to encourage your child to eat healthily

Encouraging healthy eating is an important part of a nanny’s job; and often one of the most challenging ones. There are different ways of encouraging healthy eating.   Partnership Working The main downfall of healthy eating could be the failed partnership with the parents. I understand that it is frustrating, …

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Nanny’s Guide to Negotiating Contracts

You’ve gone through the process of applying, interviewing and successful trial. The offer of the “dream” nanny job has just landed on your table, congratulations! Unfortunately, sometimes dreams turn into nightmares. To prevent disrupted sleep and stress, you need to make sure that you have a good contract. Recently, someone …

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Importance of Education for Nannies

As nannies, we are expected to have years of experience, to be able to plan for child’s development and meet all their needs, keep children safe, keep the house neat, ensure Health and Safety and be able to juggle calendar, organise and supervise children’s and family parties as well. It …

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Being the Best Employer to your Nanny

how to get the very best out of your nanny for your children

Should we look for affordable alternatives and view childcare as a luxury? Take a nanny for example – First and foremost, the nanny will ensure that your child is safe, secure and happy. Your child is the most precious individual in your life. Should you underpay the one employee, who …

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