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The Butler – knowhow specialist and bartender

The word « Butler » comes from the old Anglo-Normann «Buteler» or sometimes written «Butelier» which again comes from the old French word: «Bottelier»  – The person responsible for the serving of bottles, wine cellar upkeep, logistics and  beverage in a household. Today the title is probably a bit more differentiated, still, a butler of today needs to be a good wine connoisseur and bartender amongst a lot of other things.

A lot of people only know the Butler from movies, tv-shows and other media-channels. A Butler of today is so much more than a well-dressed gentleman in a suit and tie. Butlers are now available inside upper class hotels, private clubs and others with a service degree above middle-class. As a waiter, wine-server, concierge, wardrobe specialist and a lot of other duties. But the professional Butler is also a skilled bartender.

The management of cocktail parties and receptions is often a Butlers responsibility. This includes the logistics, know-how of bottles and cocktails, equipment and bar-etiquette.

Classic work

Handling glassware, different bar equipment and garnishes. Work technique: Shaking in the right way, knowing all of the bottles and their history, knowing the regular guests favourite cocktails, having a long recipe list. The Butler knows it all as the professional bartender he or she is – The cocktail bar should be basic know-how.

  • A butler should always ask the principal and guest for something to drink.
  • Knowing guests favourites are essential and should be noted in the household manual.
  • There is always a solution when a guest asks the Butler for something particular to drink
  • A pro-bartender should always have a design cocktail for you, so should the Butler.
  • When answering a guest’s question about a specific bottle or cocktail, the Butler should answer: «As You know Sir/Mam…»
  • The Butler should always have nice non-alcoholic alternative available.
  • No one should have empty glasses in a Butler cocktail bar.
  • The Butler acts on behalf of the principal or facility in all matters, also in the bar.
  • As a pro bartender, the Butler loves a challenge in cocktail creations.

Article written by Tore Berger who is a VIP hospitality consultant at Berger Consulting

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