Tuesday , November 30 2021

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Performance Reviews: To Do, Or Not To Do

A recent poll of 2,677 individual (including Employees and their HR Managers) conducted by a Human Resources consulting firm out of San Francisco revealed that 98% of the participants thought annual performance reviews were unnecessary. Putting aside that dubious 98% figure – the sort of figure one finds in “elections” …

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An Offer Of Employment: Get It In Writing

It always amazes me when I encounter intelligent individuals who make the mistake of assuming they have a job “in the bag,” proceed to resign from an existing position, and then discover that what was “in the bag” was one big puff of smoke that dissipates before their eyes. For …

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Luxury Holiday Service

When employers look for talent and longevity in new private staff members, beyond the usual curriculum vitae, what they really want are two important qualities: the ability to understand and follow directions total control of the area of responsibility These factors are especially vital when servicing luxury travel holiday visitors. …

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Online Interviews: Be Ready!

Conducting interviews on platforms such as Skype saves personnel agencies and employers hours of time. Skype is a great way for employers to give all qualified applicants who are willing to relocate for work a fair crack of the whip. In order to be ready to impress your potential employer, …

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